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North Valley Bank wants to help you make a house your HOME!

North Valley Bank offers a wide array of mortgage loans customized to meet specific needs.

These products include:

  • Fixed Rates
  • Adjustable Rates
  • Country Living Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Lot Loans

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Home Equity Line of Credit

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Access the equity you have built in your home with the ease of writing a check.

North Valley Bank offers Home Equity Lines of Credit with competitive terms and no closing costs that allow you to access your line of credit however you see fit. Take a trip, payoff high interest credit cards or make home improvements.

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Subject to credit approval. Rates may vary. A $100 annual fee will be charged. There is a $100 inactivity fee that could be imposed if there are no disbursements from the line on an annual basis. There is a potential $30 NSF handling fee if payment is returned for non-sufficient funds. There is a potential $35 over limit charge if the credit line balance exceeds the credit limit. The highest potential initial interest rate could be prime + 3. That would be 7.75% APR as of 1/22/2020. The rate is variable and can potentially reprice every calendar quarter. There is a $500 prepayment penalty if the line is closed within 3 years. Max APR is 25% or the maximum permitted under state law, whichever is lower.

Welcome Home Program

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When you’re buying your first home, a little extra money can come in handy.

That’s why North Valley Bank participates in the Welcome Home Program. Through this grant, you can receive up to $5,000 when simple qualifications are met:

  • The total income for all occupants must be at or below 80 percent of the Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) limit for the county and state where the property is located. The FHLB has an Income and Affordability Workbook to assist in determining household income eligibility.
  • Homebuyers must contribute at least $500 of their own funds towards down payment and/or closing costs.
  • WHP applicants do not have to be first-time homebuyers. However, all first-time homebuyers are required to complete a homeownership counseling program.
  • WHP grant funds are intended only for homebuyers who qualify for the first mortgage based on their own merit. Co-signors and co-borrowers are not allowed unless they will occupy the home as their primary residence and their incomes are included in determining eligibility.
  • WHP grant funds may be used in conjunction with other local, state and federal funding sources and with the FHLB Cincinnati’s Community Investment Cash Advance Programs.
  • The Member who reserves the WHP funds must originate the first loan, but the loan may close in the name of a third party.
  • The interest rate for the first mortgage may not exceed 7.50 percent.
  • The interest rate for the second mortgage may not exceed 11.00 percent.
  • Only second mortgages provided by formal organizations, community development financial institutions, housing finance agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. are acceptable.

All eligible property assisted with WHP funds is subject to a five-year retention mechanism (Retention Agreement), which may require the household to repay all, or a portion, of the subsidy, if the home is sold or refinanced within five years from the closing of the transaction.

Subject to credit approval. Fees and restrictions may apply. | Source:

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