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Personal Loan Services offer...

If you want to borrow a specific amount and prefer the predictability of a monthly payment that doesn’t change, you may want to consider applying for a loan. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, buy a new car, or plan your dream wedding, North Valley Bank has a solution for you—with competitive rates, flexible repayment terms, and rate discounts for automatic payment.

If you´re looking for financial flexibility and control, a line of credit may be right for you. You can use it when you want and your line amount becomes available to use as you pay it back. From home renovations or repairs to debt consolidation or educational expenses, a Line of Credit can be used for virtually anything you want.


mortgage home loans lending north valley bank zanesville ohio

North Valley Bank wants to help you make a house your HOME!

North Valley Bank offers a wide array of mortgage loans customized to meet specific needs.

These products include:

  • Fixed Rates
  • Adjustable Rates
  • Lot Loans
  • Bridge Loans

North Valley Bank also offers FREE pre-qualifications. Apply Today!

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North Valley Bank Mortgage Lenders

Shelly Axline - Zanesville Office<br />AVP/Residential Lending Manager<br />NMLS ID: 527718

Shelly Axline

Zanesville Office
AVP/Residential Lending Manager
NMLS ID: 527718

Jenny Eberts  - Corning Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 1445939

Jenny Eberts

Corning Office
NMLS ID: 1445939

Kelly McCoy - Malta Office<br />AVP/Lender<br />NMLS ID: 527719

Kelly McCoy

Malta Office
NMLS ID: 527719

Bryan Bonkowski - Buckeye Lake Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 572670

Bryan Bonkowski

Buckeye Lake Office
NMLS ID: 572670

Josh Caudill - North Zanesville Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 562411

Josh Caudill

North Zanesville Office
NMLS ID: 562411

Ruth Murphy - Mount Sterling/New Holland Offices<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 431212

Ruth Murphy

Mount Sterling/New Holland Offices
NMLS ID: 431212

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity loan north valley bank zanesville

Access the equity you have built in your home with the ease of writing a check.

North Valley Bank offers Home Equity Loans with competitive terms that allow you to access your line of credit however you see fit. Take a trip, payoff high interest credit cards or make home improvements.

Call or stop into any of our locations for more information and let’s get started today!
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Auto Loans

Auto car truck loan services north valley bank

We can put you in the driver's seat of a great auto loan

North Valley Bank offers auto loans for new and used vehicles with quick loan processing. Our auto loan products include:

  • New Auto Loans
  • Used Auto Loans
  • Classic, Exotic or Show Auto Loans

Call or stop into any of our locations for more information and let’s get started today!

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Consumer Loans

Consumer Loans Atv Motorcycles Boat Secured-Loans

North Valley Bank offers consumer loans for many different types of purchases.

These purposes include:

  • Recreational Vehicles
       - Motorcycles
       - ATV
       - Boat
  • Savings Secured Loans
  • Tractor or Personal Use Equipment Loans

North Valley Bank offers quick decisions that are made locally. Our friendly staff, at any of our locations, are here to help you. Why wait, apply today!

Overdraft Line of Credit

Overdraft line of credit north valley bank zanesville ohio

Protect Yourself From Unnecessary Fees

Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit just as you would apply for a regular loan. If you overdraw your account, the Bank will lend you funds by using your line of credit to cover the overdraft.

For additional product details or to apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit, please contact one of our Loan Services personnel or stop into any of our locations today.
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