Treasury Management

North Valley Bank’s Treasury Management suite incorporates many tools to help you manage your finances and your business

Utilizing services such as our ACH options for direct deposit, direct debit, as well as federal and state tax payments, will help you direct funds quickly and more efficiently.

Contact North Valley Bank’s Treasury Management Specialist at 740-450-2265 for an appointment to discuss how North Valley Bank can help improve your efficiency and productivity, by utilizing the products/services shown below. Also, please visit our Online Services to learn about our Online Banking and Bill Pay services.

Positive Pay

North Valley Bank Positive Pay Service

We know how important it is to protect your business from fraud.

Positive Pay is one of the most effective ways to prevent check fraud, and anyone can use this service! North Valley Bank offers Positive Pay through our online banking program. Positive Pay adds an extra layer of fraud protection by comparing a file of your issued checks against checks that are presented to the bank for payment. Here's how it works:

1) Supply your list of checks.
2) Watch for exceptions.
3) Breathe a bit easier!

Download a flyer with more details by clicking this button!

Learn About Positive Pay

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

North Valley Bank Business Services ACH Service

Access to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is a must.

ACH allows the capability to move funds via electronic files for purposes of: payroll direct deposit; electronic capture of payments owed to you; State and Federal tax payments; cash concentration, and corporate trade payments.

Our system allows you to set up multiple users within your organization with individualized access and permissions. This enables you to incorporate dual control into your process of managing funds.

For details about Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS) Visit:
    Call 800-555-4477

For details about State Tax Payments / Ohio Department of Taxation Visit:
    Call 866-644-6468

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

North Valley Bank Business Services Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) allows you to process deposits without taking checks to the bank, and from the convenience of your own office.

With RDC you will scan checks creating images. Then, send the images to the bank, and see funds deposited to your account more quickly.

No more fighting traffic or lines at the bank. Make your deposits when you want, as many times per day as you want, whether the bank is open or not.

It’s FAST and EASY. And, we will give you the first 90 days without a monthly maintenance fee!! Ask your banker, today, about RDC.

Line of Credit Sweep

Business Services Line Of Credit Sweeps

Wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to figure out how to utilize your line of credit every day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could devote that time to other aspects of your business? Well, the Line of Credit Sweep service allows you to be free of the daily management of your line of credit. Daily, our service will automatically figure out if funds are needed in the checking account to cover checks you have written. As well, it will figure out how much excess is in the account and available to pay down your line of credit. Imagine the freedom this will afford you and your staff. Ask your banker, today, about the Line of Credit Sweep.